Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In X S.

Remember when Mountain Dew was green and came in two versions, “tons of sugar and caffeine” and “just tons of caffeine”? I do, and I was missing those days when I was stocking the fridge at Chevron earlier this week.

We just got 2 new flavors of Mountain Dew, bringing the total up to 9.  Now you can choose between:

1. Mountain Dew
2. Diet Mountain Dew
3. Mountain Dew Code Red
4. Mountain Dew Live Wire
5. Mountain Dew Voltage
6. Mountain Dew White Out
7. Mountain Dew Throwback and  now
8. Mountain Dew Game Fuel with a Charge of Tropical Flavor and
9. Mountain Dew Game Fuel with a Blast of Citrus Cherry.

So, when does the number of choices hit critical mass?  It flashes me back to that scene in “Back to the Future” where he walks into the diner back in 1955 and asks for a Tab.

“I can’t give ya a tab until you order something.”

“Ok, how about a Pepsi Free?”

“If I’m going to give you a Pepsi, you gotta pay for it.”

“Just give me something without any sugar in it.”


Lisa Shafer said...

And even Pepsi Free is outrageously outdated now.....
That's a great line from the movie, though.
Great comments on Mountain Dew, too.

Max said...

Thanks. I wanted to do a post on Red Bull and other energy drinks, but my lens couldn't zoom out that far.

Carmi said...

I often find myself standing in some aisle or other at the grocery store, locked in indecision because there's just too much choice. When you're faced with shelf after shelf of increasingly narrow-sliced offerings, it becomes more than a little ridiculous.

I kinda miss the simple days. There, now I'm officially old :)

Your tea shot echoes the sentiment in my entry this morning. Simple is good for the soul. As is your take on how the world seems to be moving away from it.

Max said...

I knew I was old when one of my 13 year old students figured out my age and said "That's how old my grandma is."
But I do miss the days when your favorite soda was a choice between Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite or some sort of Root Beer. Oh, and Ginger Ale, which is all but impossible to find here in Utah.

Bob Scotney said...

Even I have heard of Mountain Dew and have carried a bottle or two on Michigan golf courses. Glad I didn't know there were 9 varieties

Max said...

Yup, now you get to choose between green, white, red, blue and orange. Sometimes too many choices is annoying.