Monday, July 19, 2010

So tempted. Classifieds are evil.  To me, as evil as a bar is to an alcoholic.  I was just perusing the available cars, which I do just for kicks every now and again.  Most cars I can force myself to not buy, mainly ‘cause I’ve got too many as it is, and no money.  But this one, sheesh it’s gonna be hard. 

One of the funnest cars I’ve ever owned was a 1984 Ford Mustang Convertible, with the V-6, automatic, red with a white interior.  Just like this one I saw on for a mere $600. 

Now, I’m pretty sure it’s not the exact car I used to own.  It doesn’t look like it was repainted in the recent past, although the paint could be oxidized enough so that it isn’t a bright red anymore.  But when I repainted mine, I had them write “Christine” in the pinstriping, right behind the back wheel, and this one for sale doesn’t have it.  I also think mine was totalled by the kid that bought it.

I’m tempted to go look at it, but afraid to because I just might end up bringing it home.  It’s been said before, will be again, but I truly do need to spend some time at the Henry Ford Clinic.


A Paperback Writer said...

Y'know, at the AA meetings they assign buddies that you call if you feel the urge to go to a bar or such. Maybe you need a buddy to help you when you want to check ads for used cars....
Just a thought.
Of course, I'm this way about books, but books are lots cheaper in general and you don't have to buy insurance for them, so it is a little less serious when I give in and buy another one. Plus, libraries help. As far as I know, there is no public institution that lets you check out and drive cars for free for a month at a time. Pity. You'd do a lot better if you could borrow the cars for a while, I think.

Max said...

A public institution where I could check out a car and drive it for a month. Different car every month. Thousands of cars to choose from.
You have found my "Happy Place".

Max said...

Caraholics Anonymous. I wonder if there is a chapter here in Sugarhouse.
Ironically, like AA, Caraholics Anonymous would be CA, which is also the Postal abbreviation for California. Where they pretty much worship the car.

A Paperback Writer said...

I'm glad to have given you a happy place. :) Now you can meditate on your own little Shangra-La whenever the 8th graders drive you insane....