Monday, July 26, 2010

Cleanup & rebuild, that’s all that’s left.

Finished cutting down that last clump of trees today. The hard part was getting the back half cut down without letting them fall on the truck or motorcycle back there.   The trees had grown at least 10 feet over into the parking area.  I came up with a great idea though, a variation of the method we used when cutting down the apple tree.  I tied a rope to the piece that I was going to cut and then tied it to the tree on the other side of my yard.   I pulled it as tight as I could, then cut 3/4 of the way through the tree.  The rope held it from falling onto the truck, and with it cut most of the way through I could just pull it over onto my property.  Worked like buttah

I also discovered a great way to cut those branches that were too big for Cindi (the tree loppers), but too small to bother getting the chain saw all riled up for.  The saws-all.  Worked like a charm, except that now I need to get some new blades for it.  The ironic thing was that it was a lot easier cutting through the live branches than the dead ones.  Or I should say the almost-dead ones.  The dead-dead ones just broke and pulled right out of the ground easily.  The almost-dead ones wouldn’t break, just like the live ones, but took a lot more work cutting through. 

Well, it’s done now.  Next step is going to be to put up the fence, something a lot like the one you see in the picture at the top.  It feels incredibly open and vulnerable without all the foliage blocking the view from next door.

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