Tuesday, July 06, 2010

iPods are not machine washable.

iPod But I sure tried.  I was doing laundry and left mine in my pants pocket.  Fortunately, I thought, I caught it before putting it into the dryer, which I was sure would fry all the circuitry.  I left it out on the counter for three days hoping it would dry out and at least be re-formatable. (That’s not a real word according to my text editor).  So, after the three days I plugged it in and watched it flash on and off for a while.  Nada.  Disconnected it, started up iTunes and then reconnected the iPod.  Niente.  So it’s toast, but at least it’s nice and clean.




Methinks it may be time for a couple of new streets signs in the Holladay area.  These two streets actually do cross, although the signs are not at the same intersection.

And finally, just a couple pictures of a cloud at sunset.

cloud1cloud2  zzz


A Paperback Writer said...

I have had several students tell me about making similar experiments with their iPods and cellphones. I believe we have a growing body of evidence to support the hypothesis that in iPod/cellphone vs. washing machine/toilet, the body of water will indeed be victorious over the electronics.

Max said...

You'd think by now, especially with electronics getting so small, that they'd start making them somewhat waterproof.

A Paperback Writer said...

True. My watch has survived several accidental dips into dishwater and rain deluges. However, I'm not sure if it'd survive a full cycle in the washing machine.