Thursday, December 04, 2008

Update : still no computer

Well, I didn't have to take down the rest of the site, I tried hooking up the old harddrive in the web site computer, and it didn't work.  when I was going through it looking for the data for payroll, I discovered that something had happened to the operating system.  It wasn't there.  My "Windows" folder is empty.  Niiiice.  I also couldn't locate the data for payroll, so I had to do it all by hand.  That part was actually not to bad, but getting the printer to work on this computer was, well, let's just say - a lot of fun.  See, the CD drive on here is broken, which is why I've used it as the server instead of as a computer, so I couldn't install the printer driver from the enclosed CD.  Any why, oh why, does the automatic installation always ask you if you want it to search the internet for the driver, yet is NEVER able to find it?  Yeah, that's a useful little tool.  So I went to Panasonic's website to download the driver myself and found one of the most un-user friendly sites I've ever seen.  If it was a car it would be a 1972 AMC Gremlin.  It took me 45 minutes and several ulcers to actually find the driver and get it downloaded.  But it finally came through, payroll is done and I've got a week and a half to get a new computer and a payroll program for it.  So right now I'm working on a computer with no CD drive, low memory, old processor that is postitioned in a way that it is awkward to work on.  Ok, I'm done complaining.

Things could be worse.  On the way up to class today we stopped off at Chili's for dinner and saw a couple cop cars, fire engine and ambulance at the Staples right next door.  At least I'm not the owner of the Buick that was parked in the front door of that store.  Completely inside, the back bumper was right where the door used to be.  And fortunately the Trax train up by the U that got derailed and was kinda sideways on the track was all cleaned up by the time we got done with dinner.  Of course the friend I ride to class with had the heels on her boots go all skewampus and had to throw them away and walk to Trax in her socks.  We just barely missed the Sandy train at the Galivan center, and I gave her one of my shoes to stand on, so there we were each perched on one foot, leaning up against one another.  A guy, who let's say had a little bit to drink, started talking to us and after a bit mistook our holding each other up for something more carnal, apologized (in a somewhat crude way) for interrupting and walked away.  But, again, at least it wasn't my Buick parked inside the Staples.

And I did get a good laugh today.  The teacher next to me had a substitute and she had to kick a couple of freshmen into my classroom.  I have a small class with all seniors and juniors in it, so it wasn't a problem.  The 9th graders this year are a pretty rowdy group overall, and I guess that the reputation of these freshmen were well known; at one point one of the juniors said "I hope puberty hits these 9th graders before I have to."  Yeah, somedays I like teaching high school.

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