Saturday, December 06, 2008

One point twenty one gigawatts?

I left the house at 11:00 this morning to buy my new computer. It's now 10:00 in the evening. The computer is running, and I have it all networked and the old drives from the dead computer accessable, but still I'm not done. It's going to have to wait for another day. Why don't I have it done, you may ask, since I just said I have everything working? Well, I figured I didn't want another disaster like this last one, so I bought a 1 terrabyte networking harddrive. Actually I bought two. The first one I got all hooked up and was in the middle of installing the software when it informed me that it would work with Windows XP or the 32 bit version of Vista, but not the 64 bit version of Vista. And guess which version I ended up with? Give yourself a $20 bill! I had a couple good leads on a good XP machine (thank you my California friend) but I ended up just going for the Vista. Anyway, I go back to Best Buy with the first server and trade it in for another one that is supposed to work with the 64 bit Vista. Yeah, it does. Sort of. Everything installed right, but you have to jump through about 1,236.97 hoops to get it to work, and somewhere I messed up. This took the bulk of the 11 hours. So, at 9:30 this evening I gave up, packed the thing up and plan on returning it. Now, I haven't given up on the terrabyte harddrive, I'm just going to get an external USB version and give up on the server aspect. I'll still be able to access it from all the computers on my little home network, but I won't have web based access. I was kind of looking forward to that, being able to get to my files from anywhere. But, alas, it's not worth the ulcer I'm working on.

So there it is, I'm back in business, on the net and blogging again. And so far, other than the server issue I gave up on, Vista hasn't been too bad to me. (knock, knock).

Oh, and by the way, the computer I use for my web site got a lot faster when I quadrupled the RAM with pieces of the dead computer. 256 MB bad, 1 Gig good!

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A Paperback Writer said...

A terrabyte sounds like a new themepark ride involving dinosaurs. I'm assuming it's really a very powerful chunk of memory, but I could be wrong.
At any rate, it sounds impressive.

Jannx said...

Very nice home office set up. Lately, I have started to feel the urge to become a homeowner.

Max said...

Well, Writer, I don't know if it is a ride at Dinosaur World, but it ought to be. But you were right, it is a powerful amount of memory.
Jannx, I love being a homeowner, and this is not a bad time to do it. Home prices are low, and right now the Federal Gov is giving a $7,500 tax incentive to first time homebuyers. That's not a tax deduction, that's an actual tax incentive.
I may be responsible for when the furnace or water go on the fritz, but then again, I got to knock ouot walls, raise ceilings, change the doors and go to xeroscaping, without having to ask anyone's permission. Of course I had to pay for it all, but it was worht it....