Monday, December 01, 2008

Down to the wire at the "U", payroll due, lesson plans needed and...

KABOOM! computer at home froze up, fried and in at least 3.14159 other distinct ways died. Which means that my assignment didn't get turned in and the employees at Free Wheeler are going to have to wait a couple days to get paid (the owner is going to front them any money they absolutely need before I can get the checks done, so nobody's going to starve or get evicted).
It also means that, since I can only blog when I'm in class at the U (blogs blocked at work) that although I'll be able to post your comments, I probably won't take the time right now to respond to them. Sorry. I do plan to go out and get a new computer tomorrow, but I'll still have to set it up and get caught up on payroll and classwork before I get to catch up on blogging.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Oh yeah.
Welcome to Monday morning! yeehaw!
I bet that just made your day.

Monday, Monday,
Can't trust that day....