Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hope you made it home safe too....

I was down in the Daybreak subdivision (115000 So 5000 W) around 7:30 when the storm hit. They had already been hit pretty bad from the first storm, the one that came in from the south. It was raining up here in Sugarhouse when I left, and they had already had about 6" of snow. That one completely missed the north end of the valley, I couldn't even tell it snowed until I hit around 90th South.
Well, the second storm came in from the north, and it hit hard. The roads were all snowpacked, including the freeway. At the 7200 South/I-215/I-15 interchange area traffic was slowed down to 20 MPH (for those of you unfamiliar with SLC, let's just say it's a confusing area when the weather is good). It took me over an hour to make a 30 minute drive. But it was worth it, I'd had a lot of fun. I was visiting with an old friend, Carol, from my early Free Wheeler days, back when I was about 19. I wrote about her earlier on here when I went to her 60th birthday this summer. I hadn't seen her or her family for over 10 years, and a mutual friend called me out of the blue for the birthday party. We promised to keep in touch, and since I'm at the same house I was in 10 years ago, she sent me a Christmas card and invited me out to her son's house on Christmas.
Her daughter wasn't at the birthday party because she lives in Ohio, but she was there tonight. I remember her as a 14 year old, when she would answer phones at Free Wheeler (she's 40 now, it's been a lot longer since I saw her). I walk in and say HI to all the people I remembered from the birthday party and she looks at me and asks "Do you remember me?" I stutter, stall and probably have a blank look on my face when she says "I pulled your pants down on 21st South." - "Sheri, holy crap!"
-> Screen starts to go all rippley as we fade into flashback <-
-> The edges of the screen remain foggy <-
It's the summer of '83, I'm managing the Free Wheeler Pizza in Sugarhouse, Sheri is answering the phones that night as her mother, Carol, the aforementioned friend, is delivering pizzas. Carol's sister-in-law Jan, Sheri's aunt, is going along with Carol for the entertainment. It's hot, even hotter in the store right by the ovens, where I'll be spending most of the evening, so all I'm wearing is a pair of those light lycra swimming trunks for pants. (Yes, I have a shirt, shoes and even a hat on too). It's rush hour, so traffic is backed up right in front of the store. I go outside to talk to Carol about who knows what, she and Jan are sitting in the car, just about to leave on a delivery. I'm leaning over the car talking in the window when, whoosh!, all of a sudden my pants are down below my knees. Sheri didn't expect them to go down so easily. Shocked, I stand up quickly, the window of the car with the two faces of the women I was talking to right at crotch level. They get an eyefull, literally. Hell, a bunch of commuters got an eyefull.
-> Rippley effect as we return from the flashback <-
I didn't talk to Sheri for the rest of the night. I got over the embarassment, got a few compliments from Carol and Jan, and eventually forgave Sheri.
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A Paperback Writer said...

Y'know, I just have NOTHING that can compare with that memory. And that's okay. I will gracefully bow out and let you have full mastery and glory of the "most humiliating moments" award of the blogosphere today.

As for the snow, well, I shoveled about 6 inches last night at 10:30 -- and about another 5 or 6 this morning at about 9:00.
My parents have about 18 inches.
I also got to play "fun with partial power outages and flickering lights in half the house) for most of yesterday (during the windy part).

Happy Boxing Day. (I get tired of explaining to my students that this has nothing to do with the sport.)

Max said...

Yeah, well, it was over 20 years ago, and the beauty of time is it fades embarassment into a really funny story.
I was out about 10:00 shoveling snow last night too. I had about 4 or 5 inches then, and another 4 or 5 this morning. At least all I have to shovel is the sidewalk, it would take me hours to do the driveway, especially since there is nowhere to throw the snow on that part between the two houses.

Jannx said...

I have a similar pants dropping incident. Unfortunately, I didn't handle it as well as you did.

Max said...

Yeah, well, the pizza place was known for practical jokes, I'd done my fair share, so I wasn't all that surprised.