Sunday, December 14, 2008

A beautiful day.

The really nice thing about a big storm coming through is that it cleans out the valley, and if the sun comes out the next day it is beautiful. So, I went over to Sugarhouse Park this evening to get some pictures. I ran into a couple of students who were snowboarding over there and commented on how clear it was. One of them said, (giving me a New York flashback, sorry Jannx) "I don't trust air that I can't see." Yeah, well, I prefer air I can't taste. So, here are the pictures:
Looking west over the Salt Lake Valley.
Hidden Hollow, a little park surrounded by commercial area, that the local Elementary students petitioned and saved.
Just some funky lit up clouds.
Sunset behind the trees at Sugarhouse Park.
Mt. Olympus - looking south-east from the park.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Fortunately, most of what was on my driveway had melted before I got home, so I had minimal shoveling -- mostly pouring out ice melt.
nice pics.