Friday, December 12, 2008

Gangsta-teen dating game goes mobile on Trax, details at 11.

I'm done. Presentation complete, ate food, said our goodbyes and left for the semester. Only one more semester left for my Master's degree. Yippee!

There may be a low pressure full of precipitation heading toward the state, but a psycho front hit the valley yesterday afternoon. One of the most eventful commutes up to the U yet. I can't even remember all the specific events, but the best one was the Teen-mom bachelorettes.

4 boys got on the train at the 21st South station, obvious gang wannabes, 15 maybe 16 years old. I just look over at my fellow teacher and say "Awww, how cute, a gaggle of little baby gangstas." The head larva has one of those hoodies that zip up and and has a creepy face on the hood, with cutouts for the eyes. He looks around for a while trying desperately to get a reaction from somebody, to no avail. Just a couple minutes after taking it off, this skinny little girl (we think) walks by and goes up to king larva and tells him that her friend thinks he's cute and wants his phone number. "Things ain't so down lately, got no cell." he tells her. She walks back past and goes to where a couple of teen-moms are rocking their babies at the front of the train and talks to the blond teen-mom. My friend looks over at me and says, as if talking to larvae boy, "She's got a kid, run, man, run!" Girlfriend goes back and forth a few more times trying to talk the boy into being interested in blond teen mom. Somewhere around the 9th South station, when teen-mom sees this is going nowhere she gets desperate and yells to him, across the full length of the Trax train "and I'm a Jugallette". Jump on it my friend, gangsta teen mom. What more could you ask for. Fortunately our stop was the next stop, because we were at the point that we were bound to say something, loud enough to get us shanked. I would have loved to be there for the last segment of the show. "Ok larvae-boy, time to choose. Will it be gangsta teen-mom #1, gangsta teen-mom #2 or the gender unspecific friend gangsta non-mom #3?" "Well, Wink, I think I'll choose........"

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The Gearheads said...

Didn't we conclude years ago that thurs is latin for crazy's that would make thursday crazy'sday. Of course the psycho front would hit on crazy'sday.. Ever since the days of the Denny's it's been that way, and surely even before.

Max said...

True, it certainly transcends time. After all, the Denny's days were a long time ago, yet Thursdays are still Thursdays! Thanks for reminding me, I'd almost forgotten.