Monday, December 15, 2008

Funny comments and funny Christmas gift.

Day 1 of the last 5 days before Christmas break.  You all probably know by now that, as STS*, I'm one of the two people who get called first when people have problems with their computers.  Everyone is supposed to send in a work order, yet I am often greeted with "I have a quick problem..." whenever I walk into a room, regardless of how busy I am at the time.  I've gotten good at deflecting these interruptions, but they still happen.  So, today, one of the teachers I eat lunch with, someone who has perfected the work order system, gave me a t-shirt that reads "No, I will not fix your computer."
Then in 4th period, I said something about how everytime I buy more than one bottle of NyQuil, they ask for my I.D.  One of my (male) students comes back with "What a deal.  You mean I can buy rubbers no problem, but I can't buy cold medicine?"  I got halfway through "How" when I realized; I didn't want the answer.
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*School Technology Specialist


A Paperback Writer said...

Good to know the kid knows he needs 'em.
And it is kind of amusing.

Max said...

Yeah, especially when he started laughing when he realized what I had not asked him.