Friday, April 18, 2008

Know your opponents.

Went to a Blaze game tonight. I don't know if you've ever heard of Ken Garff Keys to Success*, but the had a company party at the Delta Center** and invited the Principals and Faculty contacts from the participating schools to join them. Well I went with the Principal, one of our counselors and another teacher. It was an interesting experience, we got to dine in the VIP dining room, I had my picture taken with the Real Salt Lake Lion (except my Principal forgot to save the picture on her cell phone so it was lost) and then watched a quarter and a half of the game. This is not real football.

But the real point of this post was on the ride home. We're driving east on 2nd South, right in front of where the Green Parrot used to be when the car in front of us slams on the brakes and comes to a dead halt in the middle of the lane. We come to a quick halt about half an inch from their back bumper just to see some 20-something girl come walking from the bar and gets in the car. The driver of the car I was in (wasn't me) gives a couple honks on the horn to let them know that they almost lost their back bumper, we wait while Miss 20ish gets settled and then and finally takes off. At the next corner they go to turn right and we pull up to the light. We're sitting there chatting when we notice that the car is backing up, gets right next to us and Ms. 20ish driver gives us the finger. Two teachers, a counselor and a Principal. We just kind of look at her and smile. Not the reaction she wanted, so she rolls down her window and starts to argue with us. Something about picking up her friend, where'd we want her to park, on top of the other cars?, and after all it is Friday night! The Principal, who was closest to her, just calmly asks "What's that got to do with anything?" I chimed in with some comment about how it really wouldn't have killed her friend to walk the extra 20 feet to where she should have pulled over, to which Ms. Brilliant responds "Yeah, and she's in a LOT better shape than any of you!" and drives off. My point exactly. But she was gone, I never got to tell her. Although from the color of her face I'd guess she already knew that.

Moral of the story : If you're going to cop that little girl (or boy) attitude, don't do it to a car full of educators.

[*Rather than go into it here, just Google it if you are curious, ** Yeah, I know it's not the Delta Center anymore.]


A Paperback Writer said...

YOU went to a team sports event?! One where you didn't even know a bunch of kids playing?!

Max said...

Well, it was free tickets and free dinner, and it was sort of a school activity - we were schmoozing with the Ken Garff guys.

A Paperback Writer said...

Okay, I'll forgive you.