Thursday, April 03, 2008

It was an April Fools joke!

Yeah, it was fun. But it's over and time to 'fess up to it. That post below us, down there, yeah there, was all just a practical joke. April 1st, April Fools day. Actually, it's the ethnocentric egotists that made fun of the people celebrating New Year's on April 1st that are the real fools. I mean, there's no real physical aspect of the earth's orbit that makes January 1st a better beginning to the year than April 1st. Or April 13th for that matter. Like they do in Thailand, along with some pretty big water showers. Anyway, it's kind of the 2000/2001 new millennium argument. All these changes in time are arbitrary measures imposed by human beings, and one does not have any more validity than any other. A year, one full orbit around the sun, is in fact 365.25 earth rotations long. A millennium consists of 1000 of these orbits. But at which point does one orbit end and the next begin? Doesn't matter to anyone other than us human beings. And some of us just have a hard time accepting that our choice of orbital point is really no superior to any other point on the orbit. So, I'm choosing to celebrate the new year on April 13th, the Ides of April, with the Thai people, which ironically is also my birthday....

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