Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2008 Utah Bipolar Weather Festival

Spring is a strange time here in Utah. It comes early, it comes late and the weather is often unsettled. I've seen it go from warm to cold in a day before, but this is absurd. Yesterday I was driving around in the convertible, top down, and then even drove the motorcycle to class in the evening without a coat. The high was right around 82 F, it was somewhere around 70 F when I watched the weather at 5:45 this morning. Today? I just saw a car drive by with snow on it. Probably came down from the canyons, but my drive home was snowy enough that visibility was probably down to a half mile. (The news just said the temprature in SLC right now is right around freezing). The picture in this post was taken when I got home today, compare it to the picture right below, which was taken on Sunday, but fits for Monday too.

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