My Current Cars

Old Blue: 1969 Ford LTD 4-Door Hardtop
I bought this in October of 2007, again over the internet.  Sight-unseen, I flew my two brothers and myself out to L.A. to help me drive it back to Salt Lake City.  I made up my mind on the ride from the airport to the owner’s house, it was going to be mine.  Made the deal, transferred the papers (check for title) and was ready to head out to get the new tires my little brother arranged for when the owner handed me a piece of paper and said “These are it’s movie credits.”
Zodiac Killer
Psycho w- Anne Hesche
Bringing up Brady
Apt Pupil
Split Decision
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (it was the taxi Johnny Depp rode in)
The Wedding Planner
The Kid
Metal God (Rockstar)
Frailty w- Bill Paxton
Pentagon Wars
Unsolved Mysteries
Come get Happy
Almost Famous
My Sisters Keeper
Seems she was retiring from the Movie Car business and was selling off her stock.
On the drive home we had to do some on-the-fly timing adjustments, but other than that it ran flawlessly all the way from L.A. to the 6200 So exit on the east side of I-215.  Less than a mile away from my older brother’s house, right on the exit ramp, it gave up.  Nothing major, just needed a new battery and alternator.
I paid $2,000 for this one and in the 4 years I’ve owned it the only major work I’ve had to do was in the front end – steering box, new shocks, springs.  I also had to put a new vinyl roof on it.

Francois: 1978 Mercury Marquis 4-door.
 I found this online in June of 2012.  I'm the third owner, I bought it from a guy who got it from his best friends grandparents.  It has been meticulously maintained, I even have the 3 ring binder with all the maintenance and repair records dating back to the day it was bought where the purchaser wrote "New car as of 2-11-1978. Mileage was 24.1", and it only cost $850.

2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport
(Picture not my actual Jeep, since it's still being built.)


darlin said...

Wow, this is quite the collection, very nice! My bf collects old vehicles, too bad most of them don't run. He says he'll work on them when he retires, like he ever will! lol

I'll see if I can find the links to some of the photos I've posted when time permits if you'd like to take a look at some of the collection... all I have to say is good thing he's out on the farm where there's room for them all!

Old Blue sure was famous in it's time, so this is what happens to retired movie vehicles... they retire and are the talk of blogland! ;-)

Max Sartin said...

Retired movie vehicles becoming the talk of blogland - I like it, funny stuff!
Send along any links you can find, I'd love to see the collection.
I'm lucky that mine are all running, well, except for the convertible which I'm hoping to get on the road sometime this summer. Glad you liked the set.