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Feb 27, 2015: UPDATE

They moved the server for the emails.

Mailserver should be changed to

Or on my program I just had to change to these settings: 
   (I just had to enter the stuff in red)

So I'm adding this page for my email users, for any and all information regarding the process of migrating over to the new service.

It seems that the migration is complete.  I haven't received any email at the old site for a while, even though I've sent myself emails from my school account, which used to go to the old site.

I have also discovered the site-wide spam filter, and messed around with it.  Hopefully all that pesky spam will go to my designated email account instead of cluttering up your personal accounts.

Please let me know if you are still getting spam, if it seems to have decreased or not and if you seem to be missing any important emails that people claim to have sent you.  I need to know this information so I will know if I have to make it more or less sensitive or keep it as it is.

Thanks much, and any feedback you want to give me would be appreciated.

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