Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Antelope Island

Lisa Shafer and I headed out to Antelope Island today.  Neither of us remember ever being out there in the winter, so we decided to go see what we could see.  Not as much scenery as we’re used to, mainly because there’s a big inversion over the valley locking in the clouds and pollution.
Can you tell where the water ends and the cloud starts?

Bunny tracks…

And there’s the bunny.  It was so still that at first I thought it was a funny shaped rock.

Even when I got to within a three feet of it, it still sat there still, resting on the rock.

I got about two feet away and it ran right into the bush.  I went around to the other side and spotted it right back on it’s rock.  That rabbit really loved that rock.

Usually you can find the bison when you get about a mile in on the island, but today we had to get 5 or 6 miles in before we even found this small herd of them – about 1/10 of what you can see in the summer.  Wonder where all the rest went?

Seems there are also coyotes on the island.  I knew that, but had never seen them before.

And finally, a crosswalk out in the middle of nowhere.

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Lisa Shafer said...

Nice coyote shots! I'm glad we stuck around long enough to see those critters.
It was a good day. :)