Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorites of 2013

So, it’s the last day of 2013, and for the end of the year the Thematic Photographic is having us show our favorite pictures of the year.  So, since I tend to post my favorites throughout the year, I just went through all of my 2013 posts and picked the ones I liked the best.   So, here are my favorite web-available pictures:

Monday, December 30, 2013

December(ish) Pictures

I found this in the commons room at my church.  It was part of a poster showing the different church organizations. 

Could this be a Smart Car pick-up prototype?

Graffiti I found on one of my desks.  At least they were kind enough to do it in dry-erase marker.

Years ago, when Adam Sandler’s movie “Big Daddy” came out, my stage crew kids nicknamed me “Scuba Steve”.  They even made me this name plate, which they put up above my classroom door in place of my real nameplate.  Ever since then it’s been on this in-box, which we refer to as the “Scuba Steve Box”.

Well, one of the people in the Counseling Center found this finger puppet and gave it to me for Christmas.  She calls it the “Scuba Steve Puppet”.

Gotta love these inversions.  No, not really…

but they do make for a nice picture of the moonrise at sunset.

4-Wheeling in the Skyline High parking lot…

I tried to get some nice pictures of these kids doing doughnuts in the parking lot, but it kind of spooked them.  One car of girls doughnutted their way over to ask if we were the police.  When I told them I wasn’t, that I was just trying to get a good picture of it, they asked if I had gotten any sic pictures.  I told them no, I was too busy running out of the way of their car coming at me out of control.  They apologized, but everyone still went to the far lot to do their tricks.

My school in the fog.  Actual fog, not just the smog.  I took this a couple days after the snow storm, so the inversion hadn’t completely set in yet, and it was also a lot clearer up a few blocks.

Another Christmas gift, from the secretaries in the front office.

Windy day up on the mountain top.

We went up to our property last weekend.  This is the view from right next to the cabin.

There was signs of a lot of traffic right next to the cabin, and it’s not the human type.  We hardly ever see wildlife when we are up there, but we see lots of signs of it.

Our cabin.  It may be nothing more than a single 16’ by 16’ room, but it’s got a great view.

Ice fishing on Strawberry Reservoir.  If I had a bucket list, that’s one thing that would not be on there.

One of my students told me that he was going to give me a Lamborghini for Christmas.  When he gave it to me he handed me a matchbox car and apologized because he had shrunk it when he washed it with hot water.  (It also is a Dodge Viper, not a Lamborghini, but like I’m going to complain.)  I told him that it was ok, because I could just take it home and pour cold water on it until it grew back to it’s original size.  Here’s the picture I’m bringing back to school to show him.

(Yes, that’s photoshopped.  I had the hose on the car for 3 hours and it didn’t grow at all, so I decided to just fake it.)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I’ve never been a mall rat.  Shopping to me is a decide what you need, run in, grab it, pay and run out proposition.  For the most part.  Some of the places I can spend a lot of time wandering around just looking at stuff are:

Cars.  My little brother and I have spent entire afternoons going from dealership to dealership looking at cars.  Just for fun.

Camera Stores.  Dreaming about that $10,000 lens or the newest camera.

Costco.  Has a lot of stuff to look at, and even stuff I can afford to buy.

Home Depot.  If you sent me a $100,000 gift card that could only be spent there, I would have spent within a month.

Walmart.  Never again.  Evil Empire.  And I got that from a friend that works in management there, not just from Facebook.

See more shopping pictures at: