Saturday, October 09, 2010

So, this clown comes into Chevron last night…

No, seriously, he was clown.  I know, you were expecting some story about an obnoxious customer.  But sorry, it’s just a story about a real clown.  I’m not sure the gender of the clown, because s/he comes into the store in complete clown uniform and usually just fills up outside and leaves.  Except for yesterday when s/he showed up while I was emptying the garbage at the pumps, and was already inside by the time I got my phone camera ready to take this picture.  Oh, well.  Just imagine a full fledged clown pumping gas into a little white pick-up.  That’s one of the things I like about working at the Chevron, you see some pretty weird things (see Sasquatch post 1 & post 2) pulling up and pumping gas.

And while we’re on the subject of clowns, my Vice Principal told an interesting story about the younger sibling of one of my students.  Seems that he decided to bring something from the family business into his 5th grade class for Show & Tell.  A 10 pound bag of marijuana.  Guess he thought it was “Show, tell and roast a bowl.”


A Paperback Writer said...

I've never had a kid bring in pot to show a whole class, but once, when I was student teaching, I told kids they could have extra credit for bringing in something from a Spanish-speaking country. Silly me. I didn't qualify anything. One girl brought in a bottle of tequila to show everyone the dead worm in the bottle. Oh my.
It was a sealed bottle, and her parents had said she could bring it as they just used it as a souvenir, so it wasn't that the girl had a drinking problem, but I was terrified of getting in trouble before I even became a teacher! Funny.
(I gave her points, wouldn't let her show it to the class, told her to keep in quietly in her locker, and explained why we'd both be in trouble if anyone found out, and nothing happened. Nowdays, I would've put it in temporary custody in the office, explained the misunderstanding and requested that 1) the girl not be in trouble and 2) that the parents come and pick up the bottle at their convenience.)

Mustang Sally said...

10 POUND bag of mj Max? That would have to be quite a bit larger that a 10 Pound sack of potatoes (sold by weight not by volume).

And for show and tell you say. Just oh my!

Max said...

That's what the VP said, 10 lbs. But then again, it was at another school (the Elementary), so maybe it wasn't that big. But it was big enough that it wasn't a personal use bag, it was meant for distribution.