Friday, October 29, 2010


I saw on the news this morning that some retailers, desperate for the Christmas buying season that our economy has so pathetically become dependent on, have dubbed tomorrow “Black Friday”.  Traditionally the Friday right after Thanksgiving, they’ve decided to completely marginalize both Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family that didn’t celebrate Christmas and because of that the holiday has no emotional resonance for me, but it really bugs me that in search of the almighty dollar we are overshadowing one holiday that allows adults to revert to their childhoods and another that is a great gathering for family (and don’t forget the food).

For a while there I would boycott stores that advertised Christmas specials before Thanksgiving, but had to give that up when I was left with nowhere to buy my groceries.  Short of growing my own food, I’m just going to have to plug along, grumbling to myself and occasionally venting here.

Only 422 days of shopping until Christmas 2011, get your deals now!


The Gearheads said...

WOW. Really? I think that the retailers should just consider the day after Christmas Black Friday. While we are at it let's change the months to
The Month After
Two Months After
Nine Months Till
Eight Months Till
Seven Months Till
Six Months Till
Five Months Till
Four Months Till
Three Months Till
Two Months Till
Buy Now or Die Month
Christmas Month.

Really People, the world does not revolve around Christmas. Am I the only one that seems to feel that turning a holiday that is meant to celebrate the birth of Christ into a mega-millions, gift exchanging, prove you are the best parent, commercialized frenzy as a bit sacrilegious for the Christians in our world?

I say no more, too much would come out inappropriate.


Max said...

Love that idea for new names for the months.

A Paperback Writer said...

Once I got a mail-order Christmas catalog on Memorial Day weekend.
THAT one really got me.

Also, two years ago, one one radio station began playing their Christmas music on Halloween.
Personally, I'm ready for Christmas music at about the beginning of December. Maybe a few days after Thanksgiving is excusable. But Halloween is Right Out.

Max said...

Memorial Day? Next thing you know, instead of having "After Christmas" sales, they're going to have black Friday the first Friday after Christmas.

Jannx said...

Hello Max. Add me to the list of those annoyed at early Christmas decorations.