Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taxes and Jimmy Buffett

I’m helping with Stage Crew this year, and we were there after school doing a run through of a dinner-theater play we are doing later this month.  I’m talking with one of my students and said something about heading out to my older brother’s  house (The World According to Pedro) to help him with his taxes.  The student asks me “Doesn’t he know how to do his taxes?”  I tell him “Yeah, but I’ve got the program to do them.” And then I ask him “Do you know how to do your taxes?” to which he answers

I’m 14 going on 15, what am I supposed to know about taxes.”   Good point, my young friend.

The play has a pirate theme, so all afternoon we’ve been listening to Jimmy Buffett, and since he’s one of my favorite musicians, I’ve been singing and dancing along with it making a total fool of myself.  (This is one of the things I like about Jr. High better than High School, the kids love it when you do weird stuff like that.)  Mostly we’ve been listening to “Margaritaville” and “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, until gets busy fixing something and forgets to stop the CD after “Margaritaville”. I hear the next song coming on, immediately recognize it and go running for the sound system.

The song right after “Margaritaville”?  Just a little, innocent song titled “Why Don’t We Get Drunk (and Screw).”  And yes, I got it stopped before the lyrics started.


A Paperback Writer said...

Uh, actually, "Margaritaville" isn't exactly the best for promoting healthy habits either, as it's about a guy who's been too drunk to remember where he got his new tattoo and what happened to the girl he was involved with.
Stick with "Cheeseburger in Paradise." Or "Volcano." (You know "I don't know/I don't know/ I don't know where I'm a gonna go/when the volcano blows."

Max said...

True, but "Magaritaville" is a lot more subtle, the other song is quite blatant. And since I didn't choose the music, the drama teacher did, I couldn't change it to "Volcano".

A Paperback Writer said...

I didn't understand what Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" was actually about until I was about 20.

Carmi said...

AC/DC's Big Balls is another one of those tunes that means something different than it initially seems.

And where would we be if we didn't have the Junior High years to introduce the next generation to music with a little more substance than Britney and Lady Gaga? I like your style.