Thursday, October 28, 2010

So this is what my house looks like in daylight?

I’d almost forgotten.  With the play last week and this week, it’s been almost two weeks since I got home from work before 9:00 pm.

But the play is over, and as tiring and time consuming as it was, it was also a lot of fun.  I’ve never done dinner theater before, it was quite interesting to do and with the PTSA moms taking care of the dinner part, it went off without a hitch.  Well, relatively speaking considering we’re in a junior high school.

Well, now it’s off to make some dinner and catch up on some sleep.  Tomorrow is a SNAD Day (Student Non-Attendance) and thanks to budget cuts it’s only a half day, so I’ll be out of there before noon.

Maybe get some time to clean the house?


A Paperback Writer said...

Congrats on surviving the play and being caught up on your grading.
I have stacks of stuff to grade -- and our play starts next week, so I'm still working 10-13 hour days.

Max said...

Thanks, and good luck to you!