Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why I keep teaching, reason #2, addendum.

….This goes under the heading “touting your own horn”, it’s the kind of thing we’re not used to hearing (“this is stupid” or “u r 2 mean” are more common to us), but it’s what makes teaching all worthwhile.

….I sent a few emails home to the parents of the students in my 4th period who have been showing an effort to change their behavior in my class.  This morning I got to school, opened up my email and got greeted by this;

Mr. Rossi,

Well thank u!  But really as much as I would like to take all of the credit-- I really must give credit where it is due.  And that is with you.  Billy had come home a couple of weeks ago and said that you had been so nice to him and had even said good morning to him and asked how his day or weekend was or some thing to that effect.  He said that you did not get after him for anything and that you even let him ask questions.  So, I think that must have made all the difference in the world to his 14 yr old way of thinking.  I know that not everyday is going to be wine and roses- but hey if its working then we can sometimes deal with the off days right?  I am glad that you took the time to explore something different when it comes to him.  Thank you!

Billy’s Mom

….Every teacher I know and respect has successes like this every year, we know it, we can see it, but it’s not often that we are told it.  At least not until years later when the student comes back to tell us how much we helped them.  This also goes to show how much a little thing, like simply asking how they are doing, can make a big difference.

….Anyway, I don’t know if my classes were really better behaved today, but it sure seemed like it.



A Paperback Writer said...

It's so very rare when a parent actually takes the time to say "good job." Usually they just complain or say nothing.
Glad this happened to you and your efforts are being noticed.

Max said...

Thanks. And for the record, you are one of those teachers I was thinking about who deserves to hear it more often.

A Paperback Writer said...

Aw. Gee, thanks.
Virtual hug.