Friday, October 16, 2009

Old Picture #467-32D4

Ok, so my older brother scanned a bunch of old family pictures and sent them out to everyone, so of course at least one had to end up on here.  Why this one?, you may ask.  Look in the background.  Looks a lot like one of the cars I own now.  As a matter of fact, it’s a 1969 Ford Galaxie 4 door hardtop, basically the same car as Old Blue.  Same year and same color as the first LTD I ever owned.  So, of course it caught my eye.

Even more than the car this picture makes me think of my great-uncle Arno, who was your basic funny guy.  You couldn’t pass a cemetery without him saying “You know, people are just dying to get in there.”  He always had a joke, and he always had a song.  It was either “C’mon Baby Light My Fire” or “Someone Left the Cake out in the Rain”, but in my memory if he wasn’t joking around he was singing one of those songs.  Him and my great-aunt Alba, we loved going to their house because you’d always laugh your butt off.

That’s Arno on the left, my grandfather in the middle and I think that’s my mother’s shoulder on the right.

arnobrunocirca1970 sartin

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