Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Full Moon Night @ The Chevron


I don’t know if there was a full moon tonight, but from the likes of the people coming into the Chevron tonight, it was.  Too many to mention them all, but a small glimpse:

1. Guy nuked his food from Taco Bell to the point it was smoking.  Not easy to do with a microwave, but several people who came in after asked what was burning.

2.  Woman found it laugh-out-loud funny that our cash registers can figure out how much gas to put on your pump when you say “the rest in gas”.

3.  People in a big old van stole my roll of garbage bags when I was out changing the trash at the pumps.  Teach me to leave it alone for a minute and a half.

4.  Bad credit cards.  I usually see one a week or so, we saw 4 within one hour.

Yup, it was an interesting, and amusing, night.



jmpnmark said...

I always loved the bad credit card people. 'Try it again', not once in my expereince has that ever worked.

Max said...

Like somehow between 7:48pm and 7:51pm the credit card company is going to up your credit limit.