Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fluish Weekend

…. Every year they give out the flu shot at school, and every year for I don’t know how many years I’ve gotten it.  I don’t even remember the last time I was out with the flu, which is why I keep getting it.

…. But there is one drawback.  Three days of my body building up the immunity to the vaccine.  Three days of feeling achy, tired and mildly feverish.  Well, I got the shot this Friday, so I’ve spent most of the weekend in bed watching CSI. 

…. It’s no the best way to spend a weekend, but it sure beats a week in bed with the full blown flu.  Now I just have to hope I don’t get the H1N1 before they bring that vaccine to the school.



A Paperback Writer said...

The years I have the vaccine are generally the years I do get the flu. I got the regular flu shot a month ago, mistakenly thinking it was the swine variety. I had no ill effects. I will get the swine shot as soon as they realize that teachers ought to be high priority for the thing, so I hope that doesn't mean I'm destined to get the flu this year.
I have become the absolute Queen of Hand Sanitizer the last two years. Every single time I touch something handed to me by a kid, I squirt hand sanitizer on my hands. My skin is cracking from all the alcohol, but last year it did work and I didn't get sick, so here's to Purell for this year.

Max said...

I just got my Official District Hand Sanitizer Dispenser installed in my classroom a couple weeks ago. It is pretty, has the district logo and name on it, hangs on the wall and is filled with sanitizer that (according to the head custodian) costs 8 times as much as a big ol' bottle of Purell. Ah, yes, our Superintendent and District. Always more interested in fiscal responsibility and the students than looking good in the news.

Max said...

I've heard a few people who have said that getting the shot and getting the flu go hand-in-hand. But at least for me it works, so it must be an individual thing. Some people it works for, some it doesn't. That's my un-scientific diagnosis. And hopefully you won't get the flu this year! (Me either).

A Paperback Writer said...

We got our district hand sanitizers last year. Within a single week, we all had to make rules for them. Mine has a sign taped to it that reads:
1. ask
2. one squirt only
3. no flipping, throwing, or blowing

I use my own hand sanitizer, rather than the school stuff.

Now, the faculty restroom (at least the women's room -- I don't know much about the men's room) got an "update" for sanitizing this year. The district installed a paper towel dispenser (although they fortunately left up the cloth towel roll, since paper is so wasteful), put up actual soap dispensers (we've been using bar soap for the past 20 years), took down a Kotex dispenser that probably should go on antique road show (very 50s -- and has not been in working order for the 21 years I've taught at the school), and put a hand sanitizer dispenser right by the door, so the user can squirt sanitizer on one hand, open the door, then rub the hands down to kill any germs from the door handle.