Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I probably shouldn’t laugh.

Some 8th graders were messing around on the loading dock after school today.  There was this water valve pipe thingy sticking out of the ground and they were trying to jump over it. 

One them caught his thigh on a sharp edge and cut a huge, deep gouge in his leg.  It was ugly, had to call the paramedics, even though it was hardly bleeding at all.  He was laying down and hadn’t even mustered up enough blood for it to drip all the way off his thigh onto the ground. 

No, that’s not what made me laugh.  I don’t usually find other people’s pain amusing, but when this kid who was barely bleeding started to cry out “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die” it was surrealistic and became kind of funny after the paramedics had him calmed down and ready to roll.

Another routine day at the Junior High…


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A Paperback Writer said...

It's junior high; the drama is high all the time. Missing the bus can be a cause for torrential tears, so of course a visit with the paramedics equals certain death.
All in a day's work.