Saturday, September 06, 2008

What's the hubub, bub?

There is no way on God's green(ish) earth that I'd vote for Sarah Palin. Partly because what little I know of her politics (conservative, gun-totin', pro-life, anti-gay beauty queen) is completely contrary to my beliefs, but mainly because a vote for McCain (also known as Bush Light) is a vote for 4 more years of the Bush policies of failure.
That said, I now say that I don't give a rats ass if she has a pregnant teenage daughter, regardless of whether the father were sticking with her or disappeared into the Alaskan wilds. Unless she were forcing her daughter to have an abortion, this has absolutlely no bearing on her ability to be Vice-President. You can be the best parent in the world and your teenage daughter might still end up pregnant, hormones do not happen only to the "ill-bred". So, this is my official plea that we hear no more on the subject. Let the news outlets drop it, let the Obama campaign rise above it and not make it an issue, because it isn't. We, as a nation, spend too much energy delving into the personal lives of our celebrities, and that's how we ended up with such pathetic leaders. Move past it and concentrate on the real issues; energy problems, federal deficit and federal debt, ending the war and keeping us out of new ones, restoring the American image in the rest of the world and restoring our economy. I don't know the answers to these problems, but we'll never figure them out if we worry instead about whose daughter is doing what.


A Paperback Writer said...

I feel sorry for the girl, thrust into the limelight like this. She bad a bad decision. There's no way in heck now that she could have an abortion or give the child away without the world knowing about it. And she didn't ask to be a celebrity.

But I DO have a few qualms about the personal issues. Not that I'd vote for a person like Palin anyway, but it does seem to me that a candidate for such a time-consuming PUBLIC position (where they owe the public their time), be that candidate male or female ought to be free of HUGELY time-consuming personal issues before running for office. And having both a pregnant teen AND a four month old baby that is Down' Syndrome is way beyond time-consuming.
Teddy Roosevelt once said of his rather flighty daughter (who was nothing compared to this as far as parental stress goes) that he could not run a country and manage Alice too.
Do you want someone in the White House who has such hugely personal and time-consuming things to deal with right now?
I'm not prejudiced against people with cancer, but I would not vote for a mayoral candidate who was just starting chemotherapy.
I"m not prejudiced against students, but I wouldn't vote for a city councilwoman who was also doing a PhD while running for office.
Palin has too much on her plate right now to do well in a public office -- be that governor or VP.
When both her children are in more stable times, then let her consider public office again.
And it's NOT that this is because she is a woman. If it were Obama with these family issues, I'd feel the same way.

Amy R. said...

Well said Paperback writer. I was going to say the same thing. I just don't understand why she accepted. A newborn and a pregnant teen? Um, maybe not the best time.

But I agree with you Max, she made her decision,(as crazy as it might be)now lets move on.

Go Obama!

Jannx said...

Hello Max. Both you and Paperback gave a very well written OpEd piece.

Max said...

Thank you all 3 for your comments. Actually I had just barely heard about her newborn baby, and the issue of time management is a valid issue. But I still stand by the issue of the pregnant teen being irrelevant, unless she plans on raising the grandchild herself, in which case it becomes the same time issue as with her own child.
And I agree 100% with your sentiment Amy : GO OBAMA, we need you as the next president.