Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dinner and a show.

Had dinner at the Cindy Lee Cafe, which is right across from the Galivan Center Trax station. The dinner was really good, as it always has been, and we even got a surprise show while we were waiting for the University train. "Homeless on Parade" started with a homeless guy being pushed in front of a car, which fortunately was going slow enough to avoid him. That was the opening act that riveted us to the action, anxiously awaiting answers to how did this man come to be pushed, why was he pushed and who did the pushing. This wonderful little story unfolded in front of us as we were slowly introduced to the characters one by one. Roadkill man gets back up and continues arguing with wifebeater man, who then allowed roadkill man to throttle him about the face without any resistance. At this point the action was coming fast and hard, roadkill guy would hit wifebeater man in the face a couple times and then walk away. Wifebeater guy would then yell after roadkill, using the "N" word (he was African-American), calling him on and then just stand there and let him punch him in the face a couple times. Finally roadkill man gives up and starts walking away from the group, wifebeater man keeps yelling after him "just two more times, just hit me two more times" and something about getting his name. Roadkill man kept walking down the street towards the corner when we get introduced to wifebeater spouse, who all of a sudden takes off after roadkill man. Halfway down the block wifebeater spouse yells out "Hey, beat the s&$% out of that n#%%&@". We look down towards roadkill guy just in time to see another homeless guy walking past him towards wifebeater spouse, completely confused by what was being yelled at him. Roadkill guy walks around the corner as wifebeater spouse takes off running after him and confused guy just stands there bewildered. This is when our train came and we had to leave. Hopefully next week we'll get to see Acts III & IV.....

And finally, on the way home I saw the best beggar sign ever, written on cardboard with the typical magic marker, it said

Will convert
for food.

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