Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Parent-Teacher conferences are over!

And I had only one parent that was mad at me, because I accused his daughter of texting while in class. I apologized for making that assumption, but pointed out that she has to expect that reaction when she sits in a hot room, wearing a hoodie and twiddling her thumbs inside the pocket of the hoodie. That was about it, except I found out that the room the Foreign Language teacher moved into is in a cell phone dead zone, about 90% of phones do not work in there. It has no windows, but I still want to arm wrestle her for it - cell phones are currently one of the biggest teaching pains in the @$$. I even looked online for a cell phone blocker one time, and was all ready to fork out the $200 for one, until I checked it out on the internet and found out that I just might find Homeland Security at my classroom door one day, and from then on when asked, the administration would be required to answer "Mr. Who? No we never had a teacher here by that name."

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