Friday, December 13, 2013


I found these maps of the US that were sorta filled in by some people in the U.K.  They got a lot of things wrong, and were quite funny.

I sent them out to the faculty, and I generally don’t send things out to them that has anything bad on them.

Well, today we got onto the subject of geography in my 2nd period, so I pulled up a couple of these funny maps.  Third one in, this map comes up.

Even with it on the big screen, I didn’t catch it.  After all, I was focused on what I was showing the kids:

North Utah, Utah and South Utah.  And none of the three are even Utah.

It took only a few seconds for the kids to focus in on this:

Whoops!  It took me only a couple seconds to pull it off the screen and to apologize to the class.  I photoshopped the offending part out and put it back up on the screen so we could continue to discuss the three Utahs.

The next thing to do was to tell the Administration.  These things happen, and they really like to know before a parent calls to complain.  As my Assistant Principal told me, it tends to diffuse the outrage when he can say “We know.  It was an accident, he got rid of it right away and apologized.”

Here are the rest of the messed up maps.

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