Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dusk and Dawn

That’s the theme for this week’s

Like Carmi said, the light at the two ends of the daylight can be amazing.  I love taking pictures at those times, although I’m more likely to be up and taking pictures in the evening.

These were taken a couple months ago.  I can’t remember why I was downtown, but just had to stop and take the time to get them.

At the corner of State Street and South Temple.

Lifeflight, turning away from the sun.

Rice-Eccles Stadium up at the University of Utah.

And, the Salt Lake Temple


Alexia said...

Stunning! I especially like the sky in the first shot. And is the stadium actually red, or is the sunset (or sunrise) painting it?

Bob Scotney said...

Great shot of the Rice-Eccles Stadium.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's been a long since I visited Salt Lake City.

I've forgotten how dramatic the city views are, with the mountains and canyons as backdrops.

Gilly said...

I like the sun on the Temple and the mountains. I take it the sun was red, not the Temple?

Max Sartin said...

Alexia - the stadium is made of brick, but most of the red is from the sun.
Gilly - yeah, the red on the Temple is all from the sun. It's a white-grey stone color naturally.

Karen S. said...

Wow, you are truly the master of best captures! Such lovely, dreamy shades of blues and reds, it's magical to my eyes, that have been seeing such grey skies lately.

Lisa Shafer said...

Wow. The colors in the top one are amazing.
And the Temple usually makes for some dramatic shots, as it's got all those neo-gothic spires. :)