Monday, September 23, 2013


I just got back from dropping off the payroll for Free Wheeler Pizza.  I was surprised to see extra money in my pay envelope, with a little note from the owner saying “It’s been a while, here’s a cost of living raise.”

The legislature also gave me a raise on my teaching salary this year. My first raise from them since 2009, which would have been a pay cut if I hadn’t earned my Master’s that year.  And it’s a whopping 0.33%.

⅓ of 1% from my full-time (and a half) job and 10% from the small pizza place I do payroll for.  Now you might think “Yeah, but ⅓% of a teaching salary is gonna be a lot more that 10% of what you’d get paid to process 20 paychecks a month.”

Au contraire, mon frère.  It works out to a difference of  $450 a month.

Yeah, the Utah Legislature respects and values their teachers.  Oh, yeah.  Not more than a struggling local businessman.

P.S. – red is the official Math Department color for sarcasm at my school.


Karen S. said...

Well, not even sure I should say something (even that little, gee whiz) is better than nothing. It doesn't make a person feel better, but there are folks still in Minnesota that are still without work, unless they picked up a job at Home Depot to fill in. However, get ready to read this, are you sitting down? A girl friend of mine just mentioned the president of the Illinois college just received a 90 Thousand dollar bonus! WHAT!!!! If I had the color red on this you know where it would be right?!

Lisa Shafer said...

Our bonus usually consists of a sandwich provided by the PTA for ONE of the two nights of conference.