Monday, September 09, 2013

Awkward moment avoided.

I was walking across the parking lot to Shopko when a hand waved at me from inside the car that had stopped for me.  It was one of my students.

I immediately thought “Please don’t be going to Shopko.”

It would just be awkward running into a student while I was standing in the checkout line with a package of tighty-whities.

Fortunately, they were going somewhere else.


Lisa Shafer said...

The reverse happened to me once.
When I was 16, my seminary teacher worked nights and Saturdays at my favorite local grocery store. One day I made a quick, emergency trip to get tampons. JUST tampons.
I'd made it all the way to a check out line when he spotted me, opened a new register just for me (he was a store manager), and waved me over. I did my best to pretend I was buying ice cream or something while he rang up the tampons and also pretended like it wasn't a totally awkward moment.
I was mature enough not to want to run away, but young enough that the whole experience has stayed with me all these years.
I agree. I really wouldn't want a former student following me into a Kmart or someplace -- or worse, being the checker!-- when I was buying a bra or something. ;)
I rejoice in your narrow escape.

Alexia said...

Okay, I just learnt a new American slang term.
(Had to Google it, though!)