Friday, August 23, 2013

Prima Settimana

Thus endeth the first week of school.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give this week a 10.

The clickers worked with minimal issues.  The students actually paid attention when I went over the class expectations and procedures and (don’t be shocked) the online math program worked for almost 95% of my students.

Oh, and the two S.B.O. boys contained their goofiness and, other than a small audio issue, the announcements went smoothly.

My 8th Grade classes are ‘rest-of-the-world’ small, (25, 26 and 27 students).  I’ve got a group of girls that drove me crazy last year all in the same period, but there’s enough room to keep them apart.

My 7th Grade classes are a bit bigger (30, 33 and 33), but by Utah standards, they’re still small. (Most  years my overall average was around 35, and I’ve had up to 42 kids in a math class).  They seem like a good group, and there are a few that are going to walk the line between annoying and hilarious.  Line-walkers can be my favorite students, animated enough to keep the class lively, but with just enough respect that they allow me to teach the class.

My Tech Crew looks good too.  I don’t have a shining star like last year, but I have the same talent spread over several students.  One student is going to build a teleprompter for the studio and another knows Adobe Master Suite well enough to produce what I think will be a really awesome intro for the “News” (the announcements).

The only drawbacks so far (knock on wood) are aching feet and a sore throat – I do a lot of talking the first few days.


Lisa Shafer said...

1st per. 7th reg English= 42. 6th per 7th grade reg English = 13.
Yeah, we still need to do some leveling here.
B days are exhausting -- 4 classes + advisory. No break except lunch. Must remember NOT to drink much milk for breakfast on B-days, as I get ONE potty break only.

Karen S. said...

I just knew you'd give it a 10 if not possibly a 12, but that's just how you work. Any student is lucky to have you teach them! You LOVE what you DO and it SHOWS! Show me the teacher!