Thursday, August 08, 2013

People, people, people…

Don’t send money to people you don’t personally know unless you initiated the contact. (P.S. – answering a classified ad does not count as initiating the contact – the ad itself counts as the initial contact.)  Simple economics – if we weren’t falling for their b.s., they wouldn’t keep spending the time calling.

I’m just might start a new blog, devoted solely to these stupid scams that people are either too stupid or greedy to just simply say “Duh, kiss my butt you scam artist.”

The latest?

“Hi, [your name here], I’m a court clerk for the federal courts and my records show you failed to show up for jury duty.  There’s a warrant out for your arrest, but if you put $400 on an untraceable, reloadable debit card and send me the account number by 5:00 tonight, I’ll just delete that pesky warrant and you won’t even have to show up for jury duty.  Deal?”*

Let’s face it, it’s the scams that nobody falls for that we never hear about, because they don’t last long.  They can easily make 100 calls a day, since the ones that don’t fall for it probably last less than a minute.  If only 1 out of those 100 fall for it, that’s 1%, then you can be making $400 a day.

That’s $100,285.71 a year, and that includes weekends off and 2 weeks vacation.  Not to mention: it’s tax free!

But I digress.  The point is: DON’T FALL FOR THESE STUPID SCAMS.  You’re just encouraging them.

*I kinda made the quote up, allowed myself a little poetic license to make it a little more interesting, but still get the point across.

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