Thursday, November 01, 2012

McDonalds revisited

Just over a year ago a truck caught fire in the drive through at the local McDonalds. (Original Post)

First it was supposed to open in the spring of 2012.  Then a sign told us it would be the fall of 2012.  Yet it just sat there with no apparent work done to it at all.

Until today when I dropped by the Smith’s across the street for some groceries and saw this.

The building is completely gone.  It didn’t seem like there was that much damage, and maybe there wasn’t and they decided to do a complete remodel while they were at it.  Either way, it looks like they are finally serious about getting it up and running again.

From the ”funny things students say” file:

The other day at the beginning of school a student told me “My, you’re looking mighty dapper today.

I was talking to a student at lunch and he told me about his sister’s boyfriend.  Seems he decided to dress up as “My Little Pony” for Halloween and the sister broke up with him because of it.  I said something about how that was a pretty lame reason to break up with someone and the boy I was talking to told me “Hey, if my boyfriend dressed up like that, I’d dump him.”  He gave me one of those “Yeah, I know what I said” smiles and laughed.

Science teachers have all the fun.  I got this picture when the teacher across the hall was doing a lab.


Karen S. said...

So cool! It makes me think/miss a very dear science teacher of mine! I wonder if he's still teaching! There's a silly joke about science teachers - they never grow old- because they blow themselves up first! Okay Max- stick to math!

Lisa Shafer said...

Nice science shot!
So the kid was a brony? Funny.
Great tales today.