Saturday, December 17, 2011

Psycho-Cyberbully: The Saga Continues?

Did you know that “Repetitious, unwanted computer communication” is a criminal offense under Utah Code 769201? 

We had a bullying seminar for the students the other day, and one of the police officers started the discussion with some interesting information about cyberbullying.  It led me to go up to him after the presentation and ask him some questions.  Here is some of the specific information I got from him:

  1. Cyberbullying does not have to be threatening to be criminal.  It can be simply mean, insulting, rude or even “I love you” kind of stuff that is continued after it is made obvious it is unwanted.
  2. Generally the FBI investigates these crimes because the internet crosses state lines.
  3. tends to be very cooperative with law enforcement when it comes to the identification and prosecution of cyberbullies.

On to the main story, though.  The cyberbullying of Free Wheeler Pizza has hit critical mass and is being systematically dismantled.  The fake reviews have become so obviously personal that the people running those review sites are beginning to remove them as fast as they can be posted (I exaggerate, but you get the idea).  Facebook has removed 2/3 of the personal slams by the main culprit, in some instances eliminating the entire discussion.

One faction of this group of 3 hasn’t been heard from for over a month, the other has been MIA for a few days.

Are they regrouping?  Have they realized that their smear campaign backfired on itself?

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure enjoying the cybersilence.


Karen S. said...

They sound stupid enough to be trying to figure out some sort of occupyig something...what a bunch or few or how many ever losers they are. I'm sure their conduct would be well suited to this cyber bullying stuff.....Lock them up! and take away their computers! Imagine though to be cyberstalked! But I'm sure it happens, more than we know. My daughter a few years back had a person on her MYSpace I think it was being investigated and these cyber police actually came out to people's houses, it was actually kind of cool.....but the kids then learned that the cyber world you connect with is always traceable!..But, these folks sure remind me of the true meaning of MEAN, and hateful....hopefully they won't get off easy!

Max Sartin said...

Karen - thanks. I'm truly hoping, though, that they have burned out and I won't be seeing their crap anymore. Not holding my breath, but hoping.

Alexia said...

It does sound quite positive, Max - let's hope this vicious campaign has been disempowered. Fingers crossed!

Max Sartin said...

Thanks. It would be nice if the whole thing just faded into the sunset.