Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Enquiring Minds Want to Know.

How many innocent people would you be willing to hurt for the sake of a 12 year old grudge?  One?  A couple?  Is it OK to spread lies and use deceit in an attempt to ruin a business if it puts less than 10 innocent people out of a job?  Just to get back at the two you’re pissed at?

Here’s the latest review that has shown up on at least 3 different sites just yesterday: (Feel free to skip most of it, other than the last paragraph it’s basically the same as the ones I previously posted).

Dec 6, 2011

I just had to post this after seeing all these glowing reviews that, if you read very carefully, are obviously posted by employees and friends of this joint. The reason I have to speak out is because I have tried this place and I will NEVER go back there again! Why?

Well, a co-worker at Rocky Mountain Power, recommended this pizza place to me and I decided to give it a shot and took my wife and two kids there in September. My son is 13 and my little girl is 8. We wanted to dine in but that was a huge mistake! First, the service was incredibly slow and 3rd-rate. I cannot believe that this place would offer dine-in because it is so dimly-lit and the atmosphere reminds me of a shed out back on my Uncle's old homestead in Price! The chairs and tables are very cheap and not appealing at all as well as being dirty when we sat down. I really was not too upset until I got the pizza. My kids would not touch it because it was so soggy it looked like soup on cardboard. Seriously, how hard would it have been to drain a bit of juice from our veggie pizza? I guess too hard for this place.

On to the next problem; the employees looked like they had not bathed or showered in weeks and their manners were atrocious! I tried really hard not to take it personally but I finally gave up when some young kid delivery driver started telling dirty jokes within hearing range of my kids. That was enough! We will never go back there again and we would recommend to you that you do not try it. You will be sorry like we are! This is definitely not a place for a family to go. I must say too, that the front of this place is a bit intimidating and dreary. The sign out front looks more apropeaux for a garage sale or a pawn shop!

After our interesting experience, I got on the internet and did some research about this free wheeler place. After a bunch of leads and contacts and about 6 weeks, I got in touch with an original owner of this pizza chain from years ago who told me that free wheeler pizza was started by potheads and druggies because they could not get a delivery pizza back in the 70's or so. This guy wanted his name left out but told me he owned several of these shops and since he knows a friend of mine, he revealed to me that they used to use free wheeler pizza shops as a front to sell dope and other drugs! Great! This place is the descendent of a drug ring! Need I say more!

We get it, you’re still bitter over the ending of your employment there.  But by your own accounts on the Facebook pages of the people you blame for it, it had no long term financial effects on you.  You’re doing great now, you’ve bragged about college grades and your financial success.  You’re happy in the new State you’re living in.

So why are you so intent on damaging a business that has been in the Salt Lake Valley for almost 35 years, your time there being just over 1/10 of it’s existence?  What about Tim, Adam, Kody and the rest that weren’t even there when it all came about?  Are you willing to sacrifice their livelihood, at a job they seem to like - having been there 3 or 4 years now, for the sake of revenge on the two?  What about the regular customers (myself and extended family included, and we’re not the only ones) who are used to having their occasional pizza?

I will continue to point out the inconsistencies of these kinds of reviews, on every site I find them.  Because the company you are attacking has been a part of my life for over half of it.  Because everything you say is either irrelevant, false or vastly exaggerated.  Because I still live in the same city and am down there at least every couple of weeks and know what their practices are like, and know that 98% of the time they serve a quality pizza.

So please, I’m appealing to your sense of fair play.  If you must exact revenge on the parties that you see as wronging you, please limit it to them.  Don’t continue this review charade that could end up hurting people that had nothing to do with what happened 12 years ago.



Lisa Shafer said...

Y'know, if I walked into a cafe and it had employees as dirty as this review claims these employees were, I'd leave without eating. There are internal consistencies within this review. If the author had actually had this experience, which is improbable, considering the source, why did he eat and THEN notice the dirt? Duh. Also, why would he care if the place was started by potheads years ago? A customer cares about now, not decades-old news.

Max Sartin said...

Thank you, for confirming my opinions about these kinds of reviews (once again). Hopefully the majority of the people out there will figure it out also.

young-eclectic-encounters said...

Hooray for you- I feel revenge to be wrong- too many innocents get hurt- I can't imagine if it was so bad why they didn't leave or complain to management who could correct the situation way back then, this is sheer maliciousness.
BTW thanks for the comment on my blog