Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cat on a hot tin roof.

The radiator on Old Green has been leaking for a while, so yesterday I decided to swap it for the one in the wagon, my now-official “parts car to the stars”.

After I got the new one in and all hooked up I went to start up the car so the coolant would move around.  There, sitting on the seat right in front of the steering wheel was Denny.  All comfortable as can be, he didn’t even move when I started up the car.  Most every cat I’ve known makes a bee line for the hills as soon as the starter motor kicks in.  Nope, Denny just lays there.  And lays there.  (The car was running when I took this picture). 

He was still laying there when I went back after putting in the new coolant in and returning the tools to their rightful places.  To take it around the block I had to lift him out, where he stood on the side of the driveway looking at me like “Where ya goin’?”

I’ve never had cats as fearless as these two.  Later I was vacuuming up the shredded newspaper they keep spreading around.  Both of them looked up when I turned it on, but neither of them moved.  Alan, the more skittish one, got up as if to get ready to leave when I was vacuuming right at the edge of the couch he was sleeping on.  As soon as I moved away he laid down again.  Denny never moved.

Gata, my last cat, was out the door, up a tree the second I hit the power button.


Karen S. said...

What can I say, your boys are at peace with the world!...home sweet Life! ...not a bad way to be right!

Lisa Shafer said...

I saw a tee shirt in a catalogue the other day. The slogan read: Felines 4:2 "And thou shalt have dominion over all the beasts of the field, except, of course, for the cats."

Vannessa Gabbett said...

Some cats just don't care! I have cats at home that do the same thing… I think they are also fascinated with cars and how they sound. Your cats are cute, btw. ^^

Max Sartin said...

Vannessa - thanks, I've gotten kinda fond of them. They're pretty good cats.