Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has sprung, for now at least.

It made it close to 60 yesterday, and past that today.  Tomorrow and Thursday are supposed to be even warmer.  So, of course, to me that signaled time to un-winterize the swamp cooler.  Before I left for school today I opened all the windows (to burglar resistant levels) and ran the cooler (no water, just air) full blast all day long.  I love the smell of a freshly aired out house.  But, in the fine Utah tradition, we are expecting snow this weekend, so I have to keep the foam insulation ready to plug up the cooler shaft so I don’t lose heat out it at night and when it snows.  But still, 3 days of fresh air are worth the trouble.

In class yesterday one kid told a “Yo Mama” joke.  They all know that my mother passed away a long time ago, so they weren’t shocked when I told him that if he kept it up she’d come and haunt him.  Knowing my sense of humor, this provoked a different student to tell me “Yo mama is so stupid she falls UP stairs.”  I caught him off guard by, with a straight face, coming back with “That’s not funny, that’s how she died.”  It was only a few seconds before I told him that I was just kidding, but it left him totally speechless.  Which is no small feat for this kid.  He did find it funny, because I caught him telling the story in another class.


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A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, I can just SEE you pulling that one off!! Funny!

I've been opening windows for air now and then for a few weeks now, but I'm certainly not undoing the swamp cooler yet. Anything I can do to keep my noisy neighbors shut out of my life is worth prolonging.