Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smog? Fog? Not on my blog.


Smoggy day in Salt Lake City today?  The tree branches all over my yard will testify that it’s too windy to be smog stuck in the valley.

Then maybe a fog has settled in?  Nope, no moisture on the car or ground.  The air feels dry, almost gritty. 

Yes folks, we do live in a desert.  The south-westerly winds not only foretell the incoming storm, but have also blown dust and minute sand across the valley.  Which not only gives the city an eerie feel about it, but means that as the winds shift to the north, we’re going to go from being blasted with tiny sand particles to getting hit by the smell of the Great Salt Lake.  Mmmmm Goood!



A Paperback Writer said...

Actually, I think it smells oddly smoky. Weird.

Max said...

Yeah, could be a wildfire out in Nevada somewhere blowing in. But there's definitely a lot of dust in the air too.

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh, no question about that. I could SEE the dirt blowing across my windshield on the way home.

Max said...

Writer: you called that one right; re: the smoky smell. From the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune today "Grass fire near I-80 destroys three buildings; dust obliterates air quality." Seems the winds turned a grass fire out by the Great Salt Lake into a blaze, taking out the buildings at the Marina. Good call!

A Paperback Writer said...

Oh! I haven't gone to the Trib. website yet, so I didn't know. But I do recall that the smell was worse out by the lake than it was up by my house, so that would make sense.
But there was still dust and dirt in the air, too. I'm glad it's snowing today to take all that gunk out of the air.