Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hypocrisy, Utah State Government be thy name.

They hate Obama’s health care reform, because “Government is the problem, not the solution”, so they passed a law that presumably allows the State of Utah to opt out of this abomination.  They passed a law to circumvent Federal gun laws, to take back land in our borders that currently belongs to the Federal government and a bunch of other nose thumbing laws directed towards the Feds.  All because the less government, the better.  Power to the people!

Oh, but wait.  They’ve also passed laws to make it harder, almost impossible, for the citizens to get a referendum on the ballot.  Give the opposition an extra month to kill the initiative.  Give the Judicial system unlimited time to stall the initiative in the court system.  Don’t just let it get on the November ballot and see what the people are going to think, how they are going to decide.  That could be dangerous.





So, let me get this straight.  The Federal Government is too evil and corrupt, they shouldn’t be able to tell us what to do.  We, the citizens, are too stupid and too easily manipulated to govern ourselves.  The Utah State Legislators, on the other hand, are smart AND benign AND moral enough to be given complete control over governing the people of Utah.

But, weren’t they all elected by us easily misdirected morons?  Wouldn’t that alone disqualify them as “philanthropic overseers of the public good”?

Tell you what I think.  If we’re not smart enough to throw them out of office this November, then maybe they’re right.



A Paperback Writer said...

Why is there no willing terrorist after Buttars? Why?!

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