Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Um, yes, but no.

Anyone who has taught with me knows that I teach with a Diet Coke in one hand (before my pre-diabetes diagnosis, it was Dr. Pepper).  In my classroom I have a few 12 packs that I put the empties in, which I will eventually bring home and recycle.  A student asked if he could have one of my sodas, pointing at what he thought were full 12 packs.  I go, yeah, sure, take a whole 12 pack, and hand him one.  As soon as he takes hold of it, he realizes they're empty and tells me I drink a lot of soda.  Another student, with the same first name as me, says "Yeah, you've got a drinking problem" one, two three, four, " and a coke problem."
Oh, the picture?  It's from my walk around Sugarhouse Park yesterday, and a little break from homework playing with Macromedia Fireworks.  For those of you who don't know, despite being a landlocked state, our official State bird is the seagull.  Something about saving them Latter-Day Saint pioneers from the crickets. 
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Jeff said...

I'm the exact same. My students tell me it's not fair, but I tell them when I was their age, I didn't get to drink in class either. I tell them they'd have to exchange their youth, which they don't want.