Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One down, one to go.

Presentation #1 a success.  And I'm all ready for tomorrow.  24 hours from now I'll be a Master of Education!
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Your Conscience said...

You're studying education psychology, right? What exactly IS educational psychology?

Max said...

Basically the study of the way people think when they are learning and and how they think about their learning.

Your Cosnceience said...

Here's you educational psych in a nutshell. What do they think about while they're learning? video games, beer, and porn...

Your Conscience is awaiting the arrival of your tuition check...

What do you do with the subject? Is it primarily for the development of better curriculum?

Max said...

Not just better curriculum, but also better teaching practices. Multiple methods of giving the same information, methods of self-discovery (no rude comments about that one, ok?). Basically learning how not to be that one teacher on Ferris Bueller's high school.
"...anyone, anyone, anyone, 1776. And the document was called? Anyone, anyone, anyone...."