Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Picture of the Day

This was the shelves at the front of my classroom back in '97.  As you can see, I drank a lot of Dr. Pepper back in those days.  Heath issues have forced me to change my ways.  Now I drink just as much Diet Coke with Lime.
At the end of the school year I used to let the students crush all the cans for recycling.  We'd line them up and the kids would jump on them.  My room isn't right over the Counseling Center anymore, which takes all the fun out of it.
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A Paperback Writer said...

Um, I'm lost here. How, exactly, is diet coke (with or without lime) that much better for you than Dr. Pepper? Sure, diet drinks have fewer calories, but that just means they have more weird chemicals in them.
If you're on a health kick, shouldn't you be drinking water?

Max said...

Ahh, but my body can tolerate all sorts of unnatural chemicals. It just isn't very good with sugar and carbs. My doctor told me "Eat like a diabetic now or become one down the road."

A Paperback Writer said...

Okay. Well, it's a good pic anyway.