Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They day after....

If nothing else, last night gave our students the feeling that they could be heard. Student morale was up, talk about who said what and how good this person was filled the halls and classrooms. It was good to see, as the week since the original announcement has been somewhat somber.

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A Paperback Writer said...

Weird rumor of the day:
Yesterday I had a GT meeting at the dist. office. Most of the talk was about what's getting slashed, and the lady in charge (from the dist. off.) was more into gossip than into her agenda for the day. BUT, the lady from the school where you taught a few years ago (named after our favorite Brit.) said that THEY'VE been notified of possible school closure!!!! She was genuinely worried, but I can't see how that'll come to pass with all the parents who can afford lawyer (and who are lawyers) in that neighborhood.
Anyhoo, I just thought you'd be interested.

PS. Good luck on the next 24 hours. At least your degree is not in question, even if your next position is.

Max said...

Yeah, not surprising. But as you implied, it won't happen. They've been threatening to close that school down for almost 10 years now, since before I even left. The main reason you'll never see it happen is because they don't want a ton of condos going up in their neighborhood.