Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now we just wait.

Well, the public hearing is over. It went really well, I was happy that there wasn't any personal slamming like people, from a certain alternative high school I won't mention, did on the SL Trib website. Valid concerns from both sides, and even though I don't agree with the opposition (one of which is a good friend of mine) at least it was done with respect. Only down part was that the president of the school board still ended the meeting with the old "we have to make hard decisions and I could make a case for all the programs we had to cut" comment, which leaves me feeling they've already decided. No matter what, I'll end up somewhere, and I'll make the best of it. For a year at least, until the openings for 2010-2011 come out and I can find an opening somewhere I really want to be. Gotta thank my Dad for the Math background.
Now we just wait until next Tuesday when they vote on it.

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A Paperback Writer said...

I didn't read the comments in the trib so I have no clue which school you mean, but there are a bunch of idiots that chronically comment in the trib about stuff where they obviously know nothing.
And, didn't you get that e-mail from the district yesterday? It basically said that the high school's gone, the music program's gone, all step changes except teachers' are gone, they're cutting the days they said they were, etc. The statement from the dist. head made the whole idea of a meeting yesterday into a charade. It's decided. And it was decided quite some time ago, if the tone of that letter is correct.
I don't know. I can still see several angles to this issue. The school that SHOULD have been closed was the one that burned down a couple of years ago -- since it fit into the neighboring school for 2 years without a problem, then it obviously was not necessary.
Now, your school: well, I still think it's too small for the building it's in, but I don't think closing it is the answer.
Well, best of luck. You're math; you'll have a job. It's soc. studies and lesser-used electives that have it tough right now.

Your Conscience said...

RE: " the president of the school board still ended the meeting with the old 'we have to make hard decisions and I could make a case for all the programs we had to cut' comment, which leaves me feeling they've already decided."

Your Conscience responds: How many call to "Dial-a-Cliche" do you think it took for them to get past "it's not you, it's me" and arrive at their answer? AT least they didn't steal former President Boozy's "nobody could have seen it comming"... They can save that one for when a toilet explodes...

The real kicker is if they had decided this long ago and just went through all the hearings to congrate themselves with what swell folks they are. That shit's cutting into quality beer time for no good reason. Your Conscience deems that to be very uncool.

Here's a link you might find interesting: http://machineslikeus.com/articles/WarningGravityIs.html

(yes, Your Conscience is aware it's a parody, but the logic is rooted very much in the reality of many people. In between the yuks you might want to shed a few tears for a nation who considersbig macs as durable goods... All though with how in tact they make it through Your Conscience's colon maybey they are.)

Max said...

YC - It is my humble opinion that your assertion that the decision was made long ago is correct. I say this fully aware that I may be proved wrong next Tuesday, but a lot of things I have seen over the last month all make sense in that light. I hope I'm wrong.