Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pinky and the BrainDead.

I tried doing homework. I really tried. But my brain is fried. It can't think of anything other than this presentation we have on Tuesday. At least I got through the flowchart for my capstone project. One down and, um, I'm not even sure how many more to go. A couple-3. Whatever. I've still got over a week, and frankly, I could present it today and I'd still get my Master's Degree. It will just be nice when I can sleep again. I had a dream the other night, right after the news of the possible school closure. I was in my new classroom. It was in the basement, more like the bowels of the school. The floor was ripped up, the walls were wet, moldy and rust stained. And there was a huge furnace going full blast on one side of the room. It was like a scene out of the Matrix. Not a good scene either. And the Drama teacher's room was right next door. But at least my room was huge, cavernous. Anyway, thank God for Excedrin PM. Cheerio.
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A Paperback Writer said...

I found something today that made me think of you. Keep a look out for a district mail envelope from me in the next day or so. (And don't worry: it's G-rated. You can open it in school.)

Max said...

I'll be looking. Got my curiosity up just a little bit!

A Paperback Writer said...

It's no big deal -- just something to make you smile because of all the stress this week.
Good luck tonight.
Let us all know how it goes.