Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flooding in the desert and other funny stuff.

I've had a few pictures sitting on my desktop for a while and decided it was time to get them off there, so where else would I put them. Click here to see the rest of them.


Jannx said...

An interesting set of photos. I enjoyed the T-shirt sayings, very entertaining.

A Paperback Writer said...

City Creek was turned down State Street on May 29, 1983 because the creek was so swollen with floodwaters that the underground pipes could not contain it. Bridges were built over State and 5 th and 6yh south.
I recall the date well because 1) my grandfather died that day, and as the mudslides had blocked the road to Moab, my parents almost didn't make it back on time for my high school graduation on June 3 and 2) because I graduated from seminary that night, and the ceremony was held on Temple Square. Our car ended up east of the river and we ended up west of the river. There was no bridge of the first night. We all had to be carried across by volunteers from the Skyline football team. The water came up to their thighs.
It was 25 years ago, but you don't forget a night like that very soon.
wish I'd been smart enough to take pictures of it like you did.
Somewhere, though, I have a photo from a newspaper of a guy canoeing past 2nd south.

Max said...

Somewhere there is also a picture of someone in a small fishing boat, floating down State Street with a fishing line in the water. If I remember correctly they said he didn't catch anything, but the sight must have been hilarious. I did get a picture of some kid on an inner tube floating down 13th South. I'll try to find it and put it on here. I don't remember any exact dates, but I do remember several times after getting off work at Free Wheeler Pizza the whole crew went down to 13th to sand bag the street. 2:00 in the morning, raining and we're hauling sandbags to the edge of the road. And, of course, ever since my senior year at high school when I took a photography class, I've been taking pictures of everything I can find to take pictures of.